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Collision Repair

Don’t be fooled by the “lowest estimate.” There is a big difference in body shops. A low bid could reflect an incomplete job. Auto Body Expressions Inc. always uses the best materials and all repairs are done to factory specifications. When some items (like alignment) are overlooked on a repair, the consequences to the driver can be serious. A bad cosmetic repair will instantly lower the resale value of your vehicle. When you’ve been involved in a collision, you need to find a body shop that is reliable (a shop that you can trust to repair your vehicle quickly and properly) a well established, reputable shop that can back-up the work that will be done to your vehicle. That shop should be Auto Body Expressions Inc..

 Frame Pulling Machines by Chief Automotive Systems

Frame Measuring by Chief Automotive Systems

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Alignment Rack by Genesis Engineering Company

The Gensis alignment rack measures the vehicle’s current alignment measurements and angles. This is done by mounting an electronic sensor on each of the car’s four wheels. The sensors use infrared beams to measure the position and angle of each wheel and determine exactly in which direction each wheel is pointing. A vehicle severely out of alignment may have all four wheels pointing in different directions. As the technician steers the wheels to various positions for a complete set of alignment measurements, the sensors send information to the aligner’s computer console. The computer compares your car’s current alignment measurements to the manufacture’s (O.E.M.) specifications in its database. The aligner then provides the technician with the exact information he needs to adjust your vehicle’s alignment to match factory specifications.

* All alignments are verified with a printed read out of before and after specs.

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