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Muscle Cars In the Park VII

Make plans now to attend the 7th annual car show with the best gathering of American Classics and Muscle Cars with the best in Food Trucks in Northern California! The show is open to ALL AMERICAN makes and models with NO YEAR RESTRICTIONS! Get your picture taken with Miss Muscle Car 2015: Miss Ravishing Reichelle! Great Raffle Prizes to be won for the whole family! Great Music & Great Vendor selections for everyone to enjoy! Plus the selection of the best in gourmet Food Trucks provided by SactoMoFo. Please no alcoholic beverages. Proceeds go to Elk Grove Food Bank. The event will be held at Elk Grove Regional Park, 9950 Elk Grove Florin Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624. (near Elk Grove Blvd. & Highway 99) Registration begins at 8 A.M. The car show runs from 10 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. Judging Ends at 11:30 A.M. Pre-registration entry fee is $20 or you may register the day of the event for $25. All applications must include the entry fee. Entry fee includes entrance to the show and one raffle ticket. T-Shirts and dash plaques go to the first 100 registrants. Special deals and packages for those who are interested in being a Vendor or show Sponsor on the back side. Mail all registration forms to Camaro Generations – P.O. Box 906 – Elk Grove, CA 95759-0906. For more information contact Camaro Generations Club President: Casey McCarthy email at or visit


Antique Trove Summer Car Show Series

Antique Trove Summer Car Show Series Returns The fifth season of the Antique Trove Summer Car Show opened on Father’s Day to a large gathering of mostly pre-1970 vehicles, owners and spectators. The d.j spun tunes by The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash and had people dancing in the parking lot while exhibitors and attendees talked cars, checked under hoods and enjoyed complimentary hot dogs, chips and soft drinks. Crowd favorites included the blue 1972 Gran Torino, the 1958 Chevrolet Impala Employee Pick winner, a yellow 1962 Chevy II Nova Bossanova, two red panel trucks (1955 and 1956 Chevy), 1956 Pontiac Chieftain 4 door hardtop, and the 1972 yellow Chevy Chevelle, which received the People’s Choice award by a single vote. The recipient of the Manager’s Pick award was the 1956Chrysler Winsor. When asked what made this car special, Antique Trove General Manager Gary Dean responded, “It’s rare and it’s all original and it’s very well done.” The next show will be held Sunday, July 19.

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From Race Car to Show Car – Lynda and Randy Fellman’s 1971 Chevelle SS

From Race Car to Show Car

Lynda and Randy Fellman have owned their 1971 black and red Chevelle SS Coupe for two years, but their relationship with this model dates to 1981 when they used to gut the cars and race them. The pair began racing primarily on the stock car circuit, but they switched to Legends car racing, retired two years ago and passed the driving to their grandson. “This car is not for gutting,” Lynda said. The Fellmans searched for a quality body, wanting to avoid rust problems, so limited the search to vehicles manufactured in California. They checked VINs, drove hundreds of miles and spent about 6 months searching before purchasing this car from a guy in Southern California who’d purchased it about 3 years earlier from a guy who had done the original restoration. There wasn’t much work to be done since it was already in good condition, but the motor blew, Lynda said, and Randy installed a big block Chevy 454 that he’d purchased from a friend. He cleaned the engine and changed the gaskets. “I bolted all my goodies from the blown motor on the new one to dress it up,” he said.

Much of the work Randy did was cosmetic, adding trim and accessories, including new bumpers and hood mirrors, but there were a few things he needed to repair or replace. “None of the dash lights or gauges worked, so I removed the dash and repaired all of the lights and gauges,” said Randy.

While everything was out of the interior, he painted the dash and replaced the dash pad. Those changes led him to reassess the upholstery. A tear on the driver’s side seat was unacceptable, so he removed the seats and had new covers installed.
“I then had the windows tinted and installed a new stereo while I was in there,” he said. In their 30 years of racing, they saw many tracks and raced many races, but the one they enjoyed most was racing with the Legends of the Pacific on Nascar weekend at the Sonoma Raceway, said Randy.
“We competed four years, from 2010-2013, and our driver (and grandson), Robert Czub, won 3 out of the 4 races. It was very exciting to be at the same event that the Nascar drivers were competing at. We raced Saturday and they raced on Sunday,” he added.







Legends racing
Fellman Racing
Sonoma Raceway

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‘Vettes for Vets & American Muscle Car – Review

The 6th Annual ‘Vettes for Vets & American Muscle car show, hosted by the California State Automobile Museum, was as much a tribute to the machines as it was to America’s veterans. Interspersed between songs from Prince, Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond were military marches. Flags flew on many vehicles and placards announced the owner’s military affiliation. On hand were Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and a special exhibit of military equipment. Most of these tough cars had hoods up, allowing the several hundred visitors to be awed by the power of hemi and mopar shining bright under the afternoon sun. Corvettes were grouped together and included a 1958 C1 award winner with USAF affiliation to more recent models. American muscle cars included the 1966 Mustang Shelby and 2014 Mustang Roush, both award winners. 1969 and 2010 Camaros received GM muscle awards. Several women, including the owner of the 1970 ‘Cuda (best early Mopar) received awards. The independent muscle award went to the 1941 Willys. The final award, best muscle car for a veteran, went to Carol’s Cat Car, a 2005 Dodge Magnum hybrid hemi, painted in golds and browns with images of lions and other big cats. Even the wheels were painted. This article is courtesy of Auto Body Expressions 9734 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624 (916)685-5078 written by Trina L. Drotar









Gears & Beers Car Show and Competition

Gears & Beers Car Show and Competition – Review

The 1st annual Gears & Beers Car Show and Competition at Yolo Brewing Company was an intimate affair featuring about two dozen cars with an unplanned emphasis on Chevrolet Corvettes. There were at least three, including a 1954 model and a 2004 Commemorative Edition. Other cars, like the Woodie, can be viewed at the California Automobile Museum while cars like the 1964 ½ blue Ford Mustang named Ava and the 1955 gypsy red/shoreline beige Bel Air are meant to be driven. This was the mustang’s first car show, and the copper-colored 1930 Model A was also a first-time show entrant. A Camaro, Firebird, VW bug and yellow R/T were among the cars being shown. The chopped rod received a number of votes as did the Model A and the two Bel Airs. One of the most interesting vehicles on location was the 1970 5 ton M818 tractor truck.













Carmichael Elks Classic Car Show Review

Elks Car Show PosterThe 3rd Annual Carmichael Elks Classic Car Show & Spring Swap Meet had something for car enthusiasts of all sizes. Vendors sold an array of items from tutus to custom mufflers. This family-friendly event rocked to the sounds of the Beach Boys, oldies and contemporary country. Perfectly located under shade trees, former Concours winners, chopped trucks, rumbling and grumbling hot rods of all shapes and sizes shared space with 1970s era muscle cars and those classics that always draw crowds. The 1947 Ford Coupe, Blues Rod, won Best of Show. The fully restored 1931 Oldsmobile should have won best paint color for the Kermit green it wore so well, even on those wood spoke wheels. When not chatting, folks enjoyed plenty of food beginning the day with a pancake breakfast and ending with pulled pork, cole slaw and all beef hot dogs. Next year promises to be bigger and better. This article is courtesy of Auto Body Expressions 9734 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624 (916)685-5078 written by Trina L. Drotar

Collette Young’s – Classic 1953 Corvette

1953 Corvette

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9120Collette Young purchased her 1953 Corvette in 2001. One of only 300 ever produced, each fiberglassed by hand, Young’s car sports the same polo white exterior as the original, along with the same red interior and black soft convertible top, although she did add a few things that might make traditionalists cringe a bit.
She was drawn to the car because it was designed the year she was born, even though the first cars didn’t come off the production line until June of 1953. “The lines and the fins,” she added, “make the car look sleek and sexy.” It’s also the perfect fit for Young’s shorter stature.
The 1953 Corvette was one of the first sports cars in the era, and Young explained that it almost went extinct, due in part to lackluster engine performance. Most buyers, she continued, “were Chevrolet dealers, dignitaries, people like John Wayne.” Young explained that it would take another couple of years and competition from the Ford T-Bird for the Corvette to really take off.
As for the lineage of Young’s car, she’s traced that through a Sacramento auction to the buyer in Oroville to another owner in Alabama. “It’s probably one of those situations where it was a dealer car,” she said.
“It was pretty ugly when we bought it. It was missing some parts and the engine was pretty ugly. “It had a tired 350 in it and whoever put it in did a horrible job,” she said.
Instead of restoring the model’s original Blue Flame 6, due to unavailability and cost of parts, Young decided to stay with the V8, opting for a 283.
Within a year of purchase, which included six months of restoration work, the car was stolen after the first show and wrecked, its back end destroyed and the body riddled with rock dings.
“We took to the car back to Chico to a friend of ours who has an auto body shop there,” she said. “It spent the entire next year in the shop getting completely redone.”
Contemporary fiberglass and hand sanding make the car look better than the original she explained. Replacement bumpers and trim weren’t easy to find, so some body pieces were sent out for straightening and re-chroming. The Youngs continue to attend several car shows each year, recently showing in Los Banos. This article is courtesy of Auto Body Expressions 9734 Dino Drive Elk Grove, CA 95624 (916)685-5078 Trina L. Drotar

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9122

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9123

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9124

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9125

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9126

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9127

Collette Young’s – 1953 Corvette_9142

Elks Classic Car Show & Swap Meet April 18, 2015

Carmichael Elks

Carmichael Elks Car Show

The 3rd Annual Carmichael Elks Classic Car Show featuring:

Street Rods; Pick Up Trucks; Muscle Cars; Special Interest Vehicles, Customized Cars including Rat Rods & Cruisers. This Car Show & Swap Meet is a fund raiser to benefit the Carmichael Elks Lodge to support the many community services they perform. The Swap Meet has limited spaces available. Contact Terry Henry (916)481.1318 for information.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (PDT)

Carmichael Elks Lodge #2103 – 5631 Cypress Avenue – Carmichael, CA 95608

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Sacramento Autorama Review

Sacramento Autorama

car show 2015

Sacramento Autorama


This year, 2015, is the 65th anniversary of the Sacramento Autorama. The Autorama is one of the longest running indoor car shows in the world lasting three days long from the Saturday the 14th to Monday the 16th. The show is full of some pristine, perfect condition cars and some road warriors. Along with the beautiful rides there the owners were very nice and interesting people who loved talking about expensive toys. If you’re a car guy or gal then the Autorama is definitely something you do not want to miss.

This year there were a little over 500 cars at the show including bikes and boats too that were competing for the awards in many different classes that they could win. The rides there ranged from early model A fords with some nice engine swaps to some pretty radical, custom tri-five Chevys and mean Mopars and with the live music playing in the background it made the experience even better. There were lots of vendors out this year that were selling some pretty cool things like graphic t-shirts, leather jackets, collectible toy cars, and even advertising their businesses. The show’s theme this year was “The Great Gatsby”, and it was encouraged to decorate your car and the vendor’s booths this year. There was also a charity going on this year at the Autorama. It invited some of the best pinstripers around the nation to the event. They made artwork out of anything they could get their hands on and auctioned them off. All the proceeds went to the U.C. Davis Children’s Hospital. This year was also the 9th annual drive in event. This event also contained around another 500 vehicles which lasted both Saturday and Sunday. The event ended on Monday with the awards show. Out of the hundreds of cars that entered the show only a select few received awards. After the awards show the cars were finally allowed to be driven or trailered home.
Overall this year’s Autorama was a great one that gave lots of lasting memories. The cars were spectacular, the people were interesting, and the experience was amazing. The show was presented perfectly and by the looks on people faces you could tell everyone was having a good time. It’s an honor being at the show and I will for sure be there next year at the 66th anniversary for another great time

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Sacramento Autorama 2015

All About the Sacramento Autorama

Sacramento Autorama 2015

Sacramento Autorama 2015

Known as the Kustom Capital of the World, Sacramento will be hosting its 65th Sacramento Autorama February 14-16 at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds located at 1600 Exposition Boulevard in Sacramento. The Great Gatsby themed show hosts a new three-day run from Saturday to Monday starting at 10 am each day.

One of the longest running indoor car shows worldwide, the show will feature over 500 vehicles competing for awards. The awards ceremony will take place Monday at 4pm Monday evening.  Up to another 500 more vehicles can join the event in the Autorama Drive-in throughout the weekend. Exhibitors may apply to be a part of the showcase and are encouraged to decorate their vehicles according to the theme.

The Autorama Panel Jam will host an art auction created by some of the best pinstripers in the world. All proceeds earned during this auction will benefit the children of the University of California Davis Children’s Hospital. The clubhouse and Suede Pavilion will host live music all three days as well as a DJ spinning throughout the entire event. A pin up contest will also take place to name the 2015 Trophy Girl.

Admission is $20 for 13 years and up, $10 for 6-12 years and free for children under 5. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts at a discounted rate. Parking is $10 at the main gate.